Northern Heritage

A Hyper Island startup developing an online service for farmers and chefs

Self-initiated startup

Industry Leaders:
Lawrence Kitson, Co-op Digital

Radina Doneva
Nurul Ibrahim
Mabel Lazzarin
Natalie McCarthy
Laura Morley
Shirley Sarker

Northern Heritage

To work in teams through a typical experience design production process. Working in one-week sprints through the planning, research, concepting, building and testing process in order to develop a solution that has been verified with users. The Northern Heritage client was a startup project proposed by one of the team members.

Northern Heritage is a community group, striving to support and facilitate sustainable local production of fruit and vegetables in the North of England.

Sprouter is the digital service provided by Northern Heritage, allowing chefs and foodies to express their interest in various produce, whilst illustrating this demand to farmers, removing some of the risk that is currently involved in committing to grow new crops. We want local farmers to thrive, and focus on growing produce they are proud of.

Our mission is to facilitate a passionate community of foodies and promote the unique and diverse products grown and created locally.

Our vision is to boost sustainable food production and reduce unnecessary imports.

Our Approach:
The project was approached as a startup and followed the Lean methodology of build, test and learn. The research included market research assessing the current state of the UK farming industry. As well as, in-depth interviews with local chefs and farmers in the North of England. Drawing from our research insights we sketched a service flow and prototyped two interfaces that was tested with users. This was then iterated and we created a high-fidelity digital prototype of our service.

My Role:

  • User interviews of chefs and creation of discussion guides.
  • Drawing out insights through the research.
  • Lo-fi prototyping of the onboarding experience.
  • Storyboarding
  • Illustration and creation of chef and farmer user journey alongside Radina Doneva.

Solutions / Findings:
The digital service was later showcased at the Hyper Island Digital Experience Design Showcase 2016 in Manchester.



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